Over 80 percent of peoples’ searches begin online and of that 80% roughly 30 to 40% of those searches are targeted at local search results. Those figures alone should tell you why local search is becoming increasingly more and more important. If you have a business, you need to make sure your business is relevant to local search results.

Based on Google’s market share, we can extrapolate that there are OVER TWO BILLION unique Local searches per month on Google from Desktop computers in the United States.

We saw both Google and Yahoo, and now Bing, make dramatic shifts in how they return results over the past year, and all the trends point to Local.

On top of that data, mobile search is absolutely exploding. Approximately one in five searches is performed from a mobile device. Mobile searches primarily pull their results from Local Search Engines.

All of this is to say:

The potential to attract new customers via Local Search is enormous.

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