All website development is handled by our partner company Spyridon Technologies.  We have worked hand in hand with Spyridon for over the past 18 years to develop hundreds of websites for our clients.  They have a proven track record for quality hosting and have always responded to the needs of our clients.

If you would like to take the next step in having a new Content Management System (CMS) website created for your business, here are some of the items that need to be addressed in order to get the website development process rolling:

Complete the Web Business Information Form

This form contains questions about the basic information for your business.  This is used as a source document for the web developer to get some basic information for the development of your site.  You can view the Sheet by clicking on the button below.  It is important to complete this form as soon as possible as it acts as the initial order form to start the website production process.

Web Information Form

Domain Name Selection

We will need to know if you will be using an existing domain name or if the site will be developed under a new domain.  If you have an existing domain / website, you will need to know the access codes to the domains Registrar account.  An example registrar would be GoDaddy.  A member of your business team or someone at Spyridon will need to access the DNS records for your domain by logging into the domain’s registrar account and making some changes to the DNS settings.  If your new site will be developed under a new domain name not previously registered, Spyridon will handle the registration and DNS management process for you.


If you would like to have email addresses for your new domain, we recommend using the Google G Suite email product.  This offers a professional business grade email service for around $5/month per user and gives you the ability to have your own email address using your domain name like [email protected]  Spyridon will be happy to assist you with setting up your G Suite email for your new domain if needed.  Domain email is an optional item and is not included in the cost of your site.

Learn More About Google G Suite


Sample CMS Sites

Your new site will be developed under the WordPress open source platform.  This is the most popular Opens Source CMS platform in use today.  Currently, over 30% of all websites in existence are built on the WordPress platform.  This CMS site utilizes a ‘template’ for the overall look of the site.  Below are a few sample sites so you can see what your site will look similar to.  Your new CMS site will include some basic ‘stock’ images and text, however you have the ability to provide your own images and information at the time of the site development or at a later time when you are able.

WordPress templates can provide for dynamic content like moving images and full screen graphics. The template consists of a logo and menu at the top and then stacked ‘horizontal bands’ of content which can contain anywhere from one to four columns each including customized background colors.   Here are some sample WordPress sites:

R C Lomasney and Sons

Frontier Heating and Cooling

Development Cost:

We will be happy to provide you with an estimate for your new website development and assist you with any co-op programs that may be available.   The estimate will include the first year hosting of your new site however subsequent years will be billed directly to you from Spyridon Technologies at time of renewal.  You can view their current hosting packages here:

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  We are here to help.