Blueprint For Success

What is the “Blueprint For Success”?

Well, it’s a system of message and media, measurement and accountability.

From television to radio, print to internet marketing, the Blueprint for Success all starts with a highly-focused CREATIVE approach that matches the message to the media.  Making sure your specific (but unique) selling message reaches a specific group of viewers, listeners and readers.  Then, we make sure you get MORE for your money a better, much better ROI.  It’s a fact at O&O, our media-buying services have proven to provide more coverage and more exposure for your message without increasing your advertising budget.  In fact, our clients see an average 20% increase in exposure for the same dollar amount invested.  Let’s do a confidential apples-to-apples comparison, you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

Next, we are held accountable by our extreme measurement techniques.  At O&O Advertising, we use state-of-the-art means of measuring each and every Advertisement’s results…from manual tracking and voice-recorded phone calls to the latest web-based tracking software and systems that capture valuable customer information.  This “over-the-top” insistence on measuring results allows you to clearly and immediately define what IS and ISN’T working, which sets us apart from our media partners and other agencies.


Now that’s what we call a

“Blueprint for Success.”

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